Shakti Naam Yoga in english/Dr. Emily Hoda

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Shakti Naam Yoga is a yoga practice which focuses on powerful breathing techniques combined with cardio exercises that activate the meridians (energy pathways) to bring the body vitality, strength and revitalize the mind and cognition. It combines with the seated practice of NAAM (Neuro Activating Advanced Meditation) yoga which includes gentle stretching, seated breathing and vocal vibration or mantra to activate the brain and self-healing mechanism of the body.

Dr. Emily combines her background in Chinese Medicine to guide students through specific exercises to open and unblock specific meridians for their own self healing. Western science is just starting to study the ancient healing capacities that yoga and meditation bring to the body and Dr. Emily brings the most recent research to the understanding of why meditation works and in what areas of the brain and body it activates. If you keep hearing breath work, yoga and meditation are good for you and have always wondered why, come to class and experience the ancient techniques with recent discoveries.

Class will be taught mostly in English with some Czech cues.

Essential oils are sometimes included to enhance breathwork and inspire relaxation but only if it is okay with the students in the class.